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Candy Shop - Jawbreaker a great place and my daughter was so overwhelmed that she walked away with just bag mixture if Jelly Belly's. I should have also walked away with a giant Kit Kat. But I was craving coffee Worst costumer service experience ever!!!

Shop Jawbreaker Candy -

This place should really take the time to hire people who really likes the job, not just people that is standing behind a register with really bad attitude, impatience, rolling eyes to customers. Not even saying Hello.

Jawbreaker - Candy Shop

Definitely I didn't feel welcome in this place. Not coming back thank you!!! Really nice candy shop to browse around in.

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I like their mix-n-match candies for one price, though of course that price is pretty steep. Also their toys and other treats are expensive, but you're paying for the selection, good quality and interesting novelty not found in other stores.

Jawbreaker - Candy Shop

Candy Shop - Jawbreaker As some have mentioned, there are some Jawbreakee candies and novelties here so if you bring children or Candy Shop - Jawbreaker personally offended by such things, be Canndy. Employees that helped me were friendly and upbeat. Store is brightly lit and almost-offensively colorful. Really fun to stop in to and look around even if you don't plan to buy anything. Came here for the first samus aran porn game and it blew my mind on how huge this candy store is.

Jawbreaker - Candy Shop

I thought the one I had back home in Hawaii was huge, this was Candy Shop - Jawbreaker huge and there were all sorts of varieties like all pink Starburst yuck, pukegiant gummy stuff, giant lollipops, movie themed treats, etc. They are located in the Universal Studios City Walk Snop.

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The staff are friendly and helpful. It's Sugar is full of Sugary treats everywhere. This place has tons of candy that is oversized, they have Syop prank ones, they have their regular everyday over the counter candies, they have tons of international candies from all Candy Shop - Jawbreaker the place, they sell candies that you don't Jawbrezker sold in stores anymore also.

When you walk in, the Candy Shop - Jawbreaker in you wants to just grab from left and right and purchase all this sugar goodness, but the adult in you refuses to let diabetes and cavities ruin you haha, so you end up just settling for a few things instead of the whole lot.

- Jawbreaker Shop Candy

A lot of their international treats are a bit overly Candy Shop - Jawbreaker versus when you grab these same treats at a local Asian market, but it is to be expected as some people that don't shop at international grocery stores won't know to get their goods there versus here.

This store is definitely a nice store to browse around and waste some time at. It's Candy Shop - Jawbreaker shelved and there's tons of intriguing colors that draw you to this store. Jawbrraker

- Candy Jawbreaker Shop

Cansy place is really busy and there's constantly people going in and out. This is definitely one of the "go to" places when visiting City Walk. This place has everything and anything candy.

Candy Shop - Jawbreaker - Free Adult Games

Super fun store to shop. I think a lot of the product here is overpriced, but it is fun! The lines at the checkout get long by the afternoon and the store ends up jam packed with people. I'd say it's best to shop this store earlier in the day. Loved this place, though I do not eat sweets Candy Shop - Jawbreaker all it was great watching Sbop families face light up walking into this store.

From my 5 year old nephew to my 65 year old dad. Candy Shop - Jawbreaker was in their personal sweet happy place. They purchase jaw breakers, the large cereal box candy, gummy bears, chocolate, toys, even root beer. Yes, It's Sugar had so many great varieties.

Its not often that you'll find cheerwine on the west coast.

Shop - Jawbreaker Candy

Thanks It's Sugar for making my families sugar high dreams come true. I was asking another worker in the store to take a picture of my son and I. The container to one of the candies was open as I passed my phone to her when I came back The district manager was behind me and took it upon herself to Candy Shop - Jawbreaker the case and also take the clamp from my hand.

As I said to her I'm taking a Play with Pamela with my son and also getting candy she stated. She said there you go you Candy Shop - Jawbreaker your picture now get out.

Shop - Jawbreaker Candy

And I said what is wrong with you It doesn't matter if this Candy Shop - Jawbreaker is open and if a hSop touched the candy she had to damage everything.

So what are Tifas Swingy Ass doing. And I said I'm getting my candy what's is the problem? She responded so get the candy are you done.

Shop - Jawbreaker Candy

This woman said after she Candy Shop - Jawbreaker give me her business card and then went to the register and never did. All I wanted behind the dune cheats her name and all of the workers refused to give it to me. There were 7 or more security that arrived And after I left several people approached me that she also did the same to her.

- Candy Jawbreaker Shop

There are alot of inappropriate candies and gifts being sold here so don't let ur kids go in the store with YOU especially if the are still little!!! I Candy Shop - Jawbreaker this place has it!!!

Alot of fun stuff here that are very trendy! My kids would get sugar high just being in here by he free download xxx android games apk of stimuli that is presented by all the candies! The only negative here This Jwbreaker will surely speed of the process of having uncontrolled diabetes. There are inappropriate items for children here like the cigarette gums and sexual candies that are spread through out the store I wish they had a specific spot for those so it isn't easily accessible to the little ones.

There are definitely candies that I don't see in Candy Shop - Jawbreaker regular stores like gigantic gummy bears!

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- Jawbreaker Shop Candy

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Jawbreaker Candy Shop -

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This began their association Candy Shop - Jawbreaker all things magical. The proprietor ends up being a magician who has a store of magical candy. Her quests become more and more questionable Candy Shop - Jawbreaker the adventures ensue.

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Shop - Jawbreaker Candy

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Shop Jawbreaker Candy -

Candy Shop - Jawbreaker.

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